88 Showroom

MINIA is a men’s clothing brand that privileges denim for everyday life. It is conceived for the man who likes to dress casual but smart, with an eye to details. The project has developed over the past few years through chance encounters and nontrivial choices. Since its inception, our intention has been to create a network of people we trust, who work in the local artisanal businesses and can help us fabricating a truly local product. Our goal has been to create our products step by step, knowing personally who is taking care of each phase of the process, and trying to build personal connection with all the people involved. MINIA is committed to produce clothes 100% made in Italy, to choose premium quality materials and natural fibres, and to offer great comfort with an eye to sartorial details. Such details make our products unique, as do the design and originality of each garment, for men who want an innovative yet timeless style.